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Al Borg Medical Laboratories partners with multiple organizations that seek to make a difference. We support these organizations by applying our talents, expertise, and insights in the medical diagnostic services we provide to them. Our social impact is conducted on two fronts: through our local and our global partnerships.


Private sector companies can no longer be assessed purely on profitability and build their reputation just on the financial returns. The modern concepts for successful business is to create a work environment that is able to deal with the rapid developments in the economic.

  • Technological aspects and management across the world. One of the highlights of these concepts "Corporate social responsibility"

Corporate social responsibility is not limited to donations and contributions, but it’s extended to provide suitable working environment, create work opportunities and creating high value services, as well as, to protect our environment and optimize uses of resources.

  • We believe that it is a responsibility for private sector companies such as ours to support projects of social responsibility as a kind of reciprocate to the community in which we live.

We structure our efforts along the following themes and programs:

Environmental Programs

Creating environmental programs for recycling of waste paper and optimal use of resources. Al Borg Laboratories recently began to re-paper and plastic waste recycling within the company's headquarters in Jeddah, and are extending the same program to all of Al Borg Laboratories in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The program on:

  • Applied awareness session for all employees about importance of recycling.
  • Work to reduce the amount of waste (especially paper) through using modern techniques internally for the exchange of documents.

Work Environment

Creating opportunities for Saudi women in the workforce, and providing working opportunities for a growing number of Saudi youth.

  • Al Borg Medical Laboratories seeks to build a local, qualified workforce, in addition to finding job opportunities for all, including women. Provide a healthy work environment where safety requirements and standards of ethical behavior are maintained.
  • In this context, Al Borg signed an agreement with the Human Resources Fund in Saudi Arabia. This agreement aims to support the national human resources through providing training programs and employ these cadres.
  • In addition, a number of agreements were signed with several health academies aimed at technical workers, ensuring that they are trained and equipped, including: International Academy of Health Sciences.

Community Programs

Creating high-value health programs in the community.

  • Provide charitable contributions, whether financial or in-kind donations.
  • Actively participate and provide free analysis in the global ‘health days’ to promote important public health issues (i.e. World TB Day, World Health Day, World AIDS day, etc.).
  • Provide leadership in the field of preventive medicine and promotion of life through the provision of programs and periodic tests that help in the early detection of diseases.

King Khalid Award for Responsible Competitiveness and Sustainable Development

Al Borg participated in the King Khalid Award for Responsible Competitiveness, as a desire to measure the effectiveness of our social responsibility (www.kkf.org.sa) .Al Borg Medical Laboratories ranked 7th in King Khalid Award for Responsible Competitiveness and Sustainable Development.

  • King Khalid Award for Responsible Competitiveness and Sustainable Development

Al Borg Company has applied quality standards and is committed to ethics, health and safety

Al Borg was honored the first place in the standard stabilization for domestic suppliers. The evaluation was based on companies’ collaboration with its suppliers to build qualifications and strategies for implementation of corporate social responsibility. By working together, buyers and suppliers can not only ensure a baseline standard of business conduct is met but also collaborate to improve the impact of business on society and the environment around the world. Furthermore, Al Borg Company has applied quality standards and is committed to ethics, health and safety. http://www.kkf.org.sa/ar/Pages/asdaa13-2.aspx

  • Al Borg Company has applied quality standards and is committed to ethics, health and safety.