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Laboratory Outsourcing
The Next Cost Savings Strategy for Hospital/Medical Centers Labs.



Laboratory Outsourcing. The Next Cost Savings Strategy for Hospital/Medical Centers Labs.

Al Borg-Quest Diagnostics Venture to address Laboratory Outsourcing Solutions, we help Hospitals find the right ways to:

  • Maximize Resources
  • Generate financial results
  • Provide High Quality-Cost Efficient Testing Solutions to support their physicians and patients.
  • Apply Best Practices to Improve Lab Performance

We provide varies Outsourcing Models & Trends:

  • Inter-Lab Referrals
  • Reference Lab Tests (Send outs)
  • Limited Lab Management Outsourcing
  • Complete Lab Services Outsourcing

A range of hospitals may benefit from lab management outsourcing, especially small/mid-sized hospitals with fragmented laboratory operations. There are a number of benefits to a successful outsourcing relationship, including:

  • Deliver immediate run-rate cost savings of 10-20%
  • Maintain or improve quality and service standards with reduced TAT
  • Continuously improve lab operations over time to realize long-term productivity savings
  • Provide access to world-class clinical and technical expertise
  • Communicate compelling value proposition to critical stakeholders, including key clinical and front-line staff
  • Transition lab to new management in a seamless fashion with minimal disruption to hospital operations

Laboratory Improvement Targets

  • Standard equipment, supplies, and information technology across the lab network
  • Expanded phlebotomy from 30% to 50% of ED and AM collections on the floor
  • Auto-verification/STAT monitors Implemented
  • Consistent critical value reporting process

Impact on Healthcare Delivery

  • 100% critical care results by 8 AM; 100% of AM draws reported by 9 AM
  • 50% improvement in result TAT
  • Flexibility to book more same day
  • Expanded Point of Care testing avoided — annual cost avoidance of $800,000