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Our key management is committed to deliver better solution to our patients and strives better understanding of operating environment and having a clear strategy, against which we measure performance and manage risks, we deliver long-term value for shareholders and society.

Dr. Fawaz Al Bishri

Executive Chairman

Dr. Mohamad Fawaz Al Bishri is an entrepreneur in the field of healthcare services holding a PhD from the Faculty of Commerce, Al Azhar University in Healthcare Management. He is a founding member and Chairman of the Board of Directors of several companies in the field of healthcare among them are Elaj Medical Services Company, Saudi Health Investment Company and Al Borg Medical Laboratories with 25 years of experience.

Dr. Sameh El Sheikh

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Sameh obtained his Bachelor degree of Medicine and Surgery from Kasr El-Aini school of medicine in Cairo University. He is Co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Al Borg Medical Laboratories. Dr. Sameh showed a highly accomplished and visionary healthcare executive offering over 30 years of proven success. He is a result focused and effectual leader with proven ability to deliver and sustain revenue and profit. He possesses excellent leadership, strong business acumen and comprehensive knowledge of the laboratory diagnostic marketplace. He succeeded to maintain an exemplary network of business associates through outstanding communications and interaction with senior leadership.

Dr. Hisham Shams

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Hisham obtained his Bachelor degree of medicine and surgery from Kasr El-Aini School of Medicine in Cairo University, followed by a residency of Clinical Pathology, and subsequently a Clinical Master’s degree and Clinical PhD in Clinical Chemistry. He worked as a fellow in the National Cancer Institute, Cairo University, and as a Medical Director of laboratory medicine department in Saudi German Hospital-Jeddah. He is currently the Chief Medical Officer of Al Borg Medical Laboratories in the GCC. He is also the Head of the accreditation compliance department in the same organization. Dr. Hisham has publications the field of hematology and was a speaker in many events. Of the topics he likes to talk about is the laboratory preventive role in healthcare.

Omair Ahmed

Chief Financial Officer

Omair (born 1980) is a dynamic and highly accomplished financial professional, having 17 years of experience with world’s renowned International corporates. He holds commerce degree and Chartered Accountancy Certification from various international Professional bodies including ICAP and ACCA-UK. His previous career includes KPMG office in 2001 and worked on international assignments in Far East, South Asia and Middle East. He joined PwC in 2007 and worked with Assurance team in Middle East. He joined Sanofi in 2010 and worked in various capacities in Finance and Commercial Operations. Omair became CFO of Sanofi in Saudi Arabia in 2013 and contributed in many strategic and operational level project of Middle East and and international level.