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Occupational Health Services

The Occupational Health Laboratory is a modern facility that constitutes an integrated infrastructure offering a wide range of laboratory services to industry and the community. It promotes occupational safety and hygiene, using the most varied and appropriate methodologies to assess working conditions, supported by cutting-edge equipment. Its activity provides guidance for the clinical recognition of environmental and occupational disease, the identification of sentinel health events, and monitoring of exposures in working populations in order to prevent and control occupational hazards and their associated diseases and injuries.

Choose from our test menu many of our occupational health tests available on board:
1. Aluminum (AAS)
2. Copper (Blood/Urine) (AAS)
3. Lead (Blood/Urine) (AAS)
4. Phenol, O-Cresol, P-Cresol (HPLC)
5. Zinc (AAS)

Al Borg Medical Laboratories can provide any other required occupational health tests.