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The Global Diagnostics Network

Global Diagnostic Network

Enhancing diagnostic insights to address worldwide health challenges and improve local patient care

Healthcare systems around the world are designed for local service delivery, yet diagnostic innovations and discoveries are occurring daily around the globe. These breakthroughs can remain localized and unshared.

The Global Diagnostics Network (GDN) is a strategic working group of diagnostic laboratories, each committed to unleashing and sharing local innovation to increase global access to diagnostic science and services — ultimately generating diagnostic insights and improving global healthcare.

GDN Members

GDN members are some of the world’s leading diagnostics companies from every continent, operating at the highest professional standards. Collectively, the GDN is present in countries with over 68% of the world’s population. The founding members of the GDN are:

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Global Diagnostics Network (GDN) Frequently Asked Questions

The Global Diagnostics Network (GDN), conceptualized by U.S. based Quest Diagnostics, is a strategic working group of diagnostic laboratories from around the world, each committed to unleashing local innovations to generate diagnostics insights and improve global healthcare. As of September 2018, the GDN is comprised of the following companies:

 Al Borg Medical Laboratories – The largest chain of private laboratories in the GCC with an expanding presence in Africa.

DASA – The largest diagnostic company in Brazil and Latin America.

GC Labs [Green Cross] – Korea’s leading clinical laboratory.

 KingMed Diagnostics – A leading independent laboratory organization in China.

Prime Health Care Limited (tentative)

Quest Diagnostics – the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services.

SYNLAB – the leading medical diagnostics services provider in Europe and beyond.

GDN initiatives are designed to have a positive health impact locally and globally. They will benefit healthcare administrators, providers, and recipients, such as patients, physicians, and other healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical innovators, government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and academic institutions. The GDN’s initial areas of focus are:

• A Global launch platform for therapies that require a companion diagnostic or benefit from a complementary diagnostic.
Creation of an emerging pathogen preparedness network to enable a rapid and proactive response to emerging infections around the world.

Several other initiatives are being conceptualized.

Quest Diagnostics initiated setup of the GDN and created the framework for scientific and business collaborations. Calls and meetings are now held among peers across the network to plan programs and identify unmet needs that can be uniquely addressed by the GDN.

The GDN enhances the expertise and services of each member company. Over time, existing customers will benefit from the accelerated learnings and offerings that will stem from the global network.

Members of the GDN have not shared patients’ personal data, including protected health information and non-anonymized personal data, and have no plans to do so.

If you are interested in exploring a business relationship with the GDN, please complete and submit this online form: www.alborglaboratories.com/GDN. Or if you want to reach out to a specific company within the GDN, you can link to their websites by clicking on their logos.

Interested in working with the Global Diagnostics Network?

If you have a product, project, or program that may be a good fit for the GDN, please contact us. GDN leadership will review your submission and respond to relevant queries promptly.