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Governmental Agencies Services

We work with governmental agencies; like Saudi Food and Drug Authority and Saudi Electricity Company, by offering a comprehensive diagnostic testing information and services. Al Borg Medical Laboratories established an agreement with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority “SFDA”

The agreement aimed at strengthening cooperation between the two sides on research projects carried out by the SFDA research center, and this agreement entailed the following:
1. Sharing data of research results.
2. Collaboration in research awareness campaigns.

About Saudi Food and Drug Authority “SFDA”:
The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) was established under the Council of Ministers resolution no (1) dated 07/01/1424 H, as an independent body corporate that directly reports to The President of Council of Ministers. The Authority objective is to ensure safety of food and drug for man and animal, and safety of biological and chemical substance as well as electronic products.

Moreover, Al Borg Medical Laboratories serves Saudi Electricity Company employee through electricity polyclinics in western area (Madinah, Makah, Taif and Jeddah clinics) and all over KSA regions. We are serving the routine services and pre-employment checkups, through our expanded network of laboratories and with an expanded in-house and outsourced test menu. We offer them a full range of services starting from phlebotomy service, samples transportation, processing, results reporting and delivery.