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We provides an exceptional level of expertise with over 15 years of experience.


Top Clients

Al Borg Medical Laboratories brings diagnostic testing information and services to many private organizations such as DaVita Care, Saudi LTD Electricity Company (KSA), Novartis Pharmaceutical, Bank Al Jazira, Abbvie Scientific Office, Saudi Airlines Medical, Diaverum (KSA), SABIC, Bank SABB and many others.

About DaVita Care and Diaverum:
Diaverum and DaVita are of the world’s largest independent renal care providers. They devoted all their efforts to developing the best renal care services in the fields of dialysis, transplantations or preventive care and lifestyle related services.

Al Borg Medical Laboratories is serving 25 Diaverum and DaVita clinics in 17 different cities, covering 2231 patients and more than 800 employees.

Al Borg Medical Laboratories is providing DaVita and Diaverum renal patients more than 70 different tests, a reduced TAT, an online access to their results and on ground Professional consultation/interpretation.

About Saudi Electricity Company:
Saudi Electricity Company was established as a Saudi joint stock company on 05/04/2000. The Saudi Electricity Company has a total workforce’s of 37,769 employees. By virtue of the Council of Ministers Order (No. 169) Dated 11/08/1419H which stipulated the merger of all Saudi electricity companies in the Central, Eastern, Western, and Southern Regions in addition to the ten small companies operating north of the Kingdom as well as the other electricity operations managed by General Electricity Corporation, into a single joint stock company which is now known as Saudi Electricity Company.

Al Borg Medical Laboratories co. serves Saudi Electricity Company employee through electricity polyclinics in western area (Madinah, Makah, Taif and Jeddah clinics) and all over KSA regions when required by electricity co. For routine services and pre-employment checkups, through our expanded network of laboratories and with an expanded in-house and outsourced test menu. We are offering them a full range of services starting from phlebotomy service, Samples transportation, processing samples and results release and delivery.

About Multinational pharmaceutical services:
Al Borg Medical Laboratories cooperated with different multinational pharmaceutical companies to support the practice of precision medicine.

Precision medicine is the fastest-growing sector of lab testing and these are the tests that contribute the greatest value in patient care.

Al Borg Medical Laboratories offer lab tests that:
1. Contribute to a more accurate diagnosis.
2. Identify which prescription drugs will be of the greatest benefit.
3. Inform the physician as to which drugs will not be effective and may even be harmful to the patient.

Al Borg Medical Laboratories Multinational Pharmaceutical Partners:
1. Novartis Pharma Services
2. GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd
3. AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical Ltd
4. AbbVie Inc. pharmaceutical
5. Alexion Pharmaceuticals
6. Janssen Pharmaceutical